Standards-Based Second Grade: Unit 1

Addition and Subtraction Within 50


First your students have to know how to add and subtract within 50. Then it’s time for regrouping. Regrouping means we all need to work together to get a clear understanding of what’s happening. This unit anchors addition and subtraction basics without and with regrouping including parts/wholes, word problems, greater than/less than, fact families, place value, strategies, missing numbers, through double-digits. Employs activities without and with TouchMath techniques and cues, concrete hands-on, pictorial, and abstract activities throughout. One simple step at a time makes it clear and familiar rather than fuzzy and foreign. You’ll benefit from enhanced teaching strategies and techniques, while your students blaze a trail through second grade math.

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Unit 1 Details:

  • A brand-new day-by-day C-R-A directed Teacher's Manual makes step-by-step multi-sensory teaching easy.
  • Pre- and Posttests for each module measure successes.
  • 150 teacher/student approved activity masters engage all learners.
  • Six complete modules divided by easy topics.
  • Technology: Access to TouchMath Downloadable Green Editions — More Info

Module Details:

  • Module 1: Addition and Subtraction Within 13
  • This module is scaffolded to work with one-digit numbers within 9, 10, and then 13, using strategies and drawings to help students internalize facts. Drawings for part/whole relationships are used, incorporating missing numbers (unknowns) to reinforce the relationships. Tracing, followed by filling in missing information, is required as students demonstrate their increased understanding of the concept. Ten Frames and dots for representation are used to build a firm foundation of the number 10, with number families used to ensure mastery of the relationship of addition and subtraction within 13. If/then statements, puzzles, mazes, and matching activities are presented to help keep students interested and engaged in the activities. TouchPoints provide kinesthetic and visual support for the learners throughout this module.
  • Module 2: Addition and Subtraction Within 20
  • The instruction in this module is an extension of the activities used in Module 1. The models and concrete activities have been eliminated as the activities are further scaffolded by adding the same second addend to each number – and then increasing the second addend by one and continuing the same pattern. A “Using Strategies” section has been added to focus on specific properties and functions within operations to enhance learning. The “Problem Solving” section is continued from the previous module extending problem solving and comparisons. New testing formats, two-step word problems, and a new symbol for unknowns are all introduced in this module as students continue to develop advanced math concepts.
  • Module 3: Addition and Subtraction Within 50
  • This module develops the concepts of addition and subtraction to include increasingly larger numbers. Visual/kinesthetic cues are included to provide support within the developmental level of the learner, however, no regrouping is introduced. The cues are TouchPoints, place value indicators, and arrows above the ones column to remind students of the starting point. The activities scaffold from 2-digit- and 1-digit numbers to 2-digit numbers to multiple addends within the 2-digit numbers. Students use a 50 Chart as another strategy for finding sums and differences, and for an added visual component, drawings and equations are modeled and encouraged throughout the “Problem Solving” section. Reinforcement of strategies and properties of operations is continually presented, and two-step word problems are further developed.
  • Module 4: Addition With Regrouping
  • With students now having a firm foundation of working with 2-didit numbers, regrouping is introduced in this module. This concept is presented slowly with the use of concrete materials, pictorial representations/drawings, and visual cues to demonstrate the concept. Base 10 Blocks and Ten Frames are used to demonstrate trading on 10 ones for one 10, with instruction presented in place value charts to reinforce the understanding. TouchPoints on the smaller addend and symbols for unknowns in all positions are incorporated –– as students progress through the activities in this module, the models are eliminated.
  • Module 5: Subtraction With Regrouping
  • The activities in this module replicate the instruction provided in Module 4. Students have extensive support at all development levels in building the concept of regrouping in subtraction. Students begin by seeing the association of the written numerals with the problems, then progress to some of the numerals, and finally filling in the numerals that correspond with the models. Students demonstrate increasing amounts of understanding throughout the activities. In the “Problem Solving” section, the four related facts of addition and subtraction numbers are emphasized.
  • Module 6: Mixed Regrouping
  • This is a review and practice module to put together the concepts of adding and subtracting within 50, emphasizing and reinforcing strategies throughout the process. These strategies include expanded notation as an extension of place value, tally marks as an alternative drawing approach, and properties of operations as application for continued practice. To continue the integration of strategies, building 10 is used. Doubles and doubles plus and minus one are reinforced. The “Problem Solving” section provides ample opportunities to create and use drawings, solve for unknowns, and apply learning in word problems. When students finish this module, they will have had many experiences that contribute to a firm foundation for increased complexity with 2-digit numbers.

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    • A downloadable version of Standards-Based Second Grade: Unit 1. Contains the same materials as the physical version, administered through a custom online interface to print and lesson plan with ease — All at a much lower cost!
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    • A downloadable version of Standards-Based Second Grade: Unit 1. Contains the same materials as the physical version, administered through a custom online interface to print and lesson plan with ease — All at a much lower cost!
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