TouchMath App Teacher Dashboard Subscription


Works only with the TouchMath Jungle Addition 1 Mobile Math App

Not only is our TouchMath Mobile Math App series the most fun your students will ever have while learning math, they're also the most teacher-friendly apps on the market. Individual progress is tracked and scored within the TouchMath Jungle Addition app classroom settings, subscription-based access to an online teacher interface is available to enhance functionality and make implementation to large groups a breeze. A 12-month subscription to the TouchMath App Teacher Dashboard works in conjunction with the Jungle Addition app and is available for additional purchase right here on our website. There are two purchasing options. The 40 student (tablet) option will give you one license key that will allow you to track and customize up to 40 students/tablets or a license that will allow you to track up to 5 students/tablets.

  • Administer and program the TouchMath Jungle Addition app from one centralized online account
  • Allows customization for up to 40 students/tablets
  • Adjust, customize, and individualize app settings, difficulty levels, and topics for each student
  • Track scores and individual progress per student
  • Receive custom progress monitoring reports via email and comma delimited exports

With the TouchMath App Teacher Dashboard, you will completely eliminate the tedium and hassle of adjusting settings and tracking progress on countless tablets, one by one. It can all be done through one easy-to-use dashboard. So get the most out of your Jungle Addition App download by combining it with this revolutionary app management tool –– and let us handle the heavy-lifting involved with app administration and student tracking.

For additional information, please click here to visit our TouchMath Mobile Math App webpage.

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