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Now you can teach in 3-D on a magnetic board or on a tabletop. We’ve added computation signs, a second set of numerals, textured TouchPoints and magnetized it all to give you more teaching options. The Magnetic 3-D Numerals epitomize TouchMath: bright, cheery, durable, multisensory, and fun! This classroom aid takes the numbers right off the page and puts them in students' hands so can touch and count the raised textured TouchPoints on the 5-inch numerals as they learn the correct Touching/Counting Patterns and begin to understand numeral/quantity association. TouchMath is the only program that uses the numeral as the manipulative which helps students directly associate the numeral with its meaning. This scaffolded aid is a sensible, effective solution for differentiating student instruction. The USB drive included in the set contains valuable activities and 60 reproducible student worksheets to use with the manipulatives. Magnetic 3-D Numerals invite pre-K through 1st graders, Response to Intervention and Special Education students to take their number correlations, counting patterns, and Touchpoints in hand so that learning seems like play.

For additional learning opportunities, try the Magnetic 3-D Numerals with our coordinating TouchPoint Posters that shows the Touching/Counting Patterns or use on your magnetic whiteboard to build math problems.

Recommended for grades pre-K–1, RtI and special education

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Magnetic 3-D Numerals Details:


  • 2 Sets of plastic magnetic 5-inch numerals 0–9 with textured TouchPoints (20 numerals)
  • Magnetic addition & subtraction signs
  • Magnetic equal signs for both horizontal & vertical problems
  • USB drive with Teacher's Guide and reproducible activity sheets

Concepts Taught

  • Numbers 0-9
  • Number values
  • Touching/Counting Patterns
  • Numeral/quantity association
  • Beginning addition
  • Beginning subtraction

3-D Numerals
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