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Recommended for grades 4 and up, the Upper Grades Skip Counting Posters and Downloadable Songs makes it easy for all learners to grasp skip counting — the technique they will use for multiplication and division. With a more sophisticated look and sound, the eye-popping, toe-tapping set includes eight newly-designed posters and a brand new soundtrack. Each poster displays energizing and age-appropriate artwork that is sure to resonate with students, triggering a fun learning atmosphere. The accompanying music includes four catchy tunes per numeral (three different styles of music and a Spanish version complements each pattern; 32 total songs).

Through songs, mental imagery exercises, group games, story starters and more, students learn number sequences and patterns for the numbers 2–9. Includes three reproducible blackline masters for each poster; one with the number pattern filled in, one with tracing numbers, and one for your students to complete.

Listen to a preview of the skip counting songs –– a mix of song styles for the numbers 2–5! Click for a song preview.

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Upper Skip Counting Posters and Songs Details:


  • Eight 11" by 17" full-color posters for number sequences 2-9
  • Downloadable songs that complement the sequence of each poster (three unique English versions and one Spanish version per poster)
  • Downloadable Teacher's Guide
  • Three downloadable blackline activity masters for each poster
  • Downloadable Story Starters, I See, and Let’s Talk language arts ideas; as well as group game instructions

Concepts Taught

  • Sequence counting and number patterns for 2-9
  • Multiplication foundational skills
  • Division foundational skills

Skip Counting Posters
Skip Counting Posters Video Demo

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