TouchMath Domino Card Set

Match Double9 Dominos with TouchMath for the Real Winner!


Now you can bring an old game into today's classroom.

Perfectly tailored for math centers, individual instruction, or small groups, these colorful, textured Double 9 Domino Cards help students play their way to basic math concepts. With 5 different sets of 55 cards each, covering Counting, Quantity, Numerals, TouchPoints, and TouchNumerals, you have all you need to tailor your sessions to each child’s level and bring them the joy of winning at math!

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TouchMath Domino Card Set Details:

5 Unique sets

  • Set 1: Counting and Quantity Concepts
  • Set 2: Counting and Matching Quantities
  • Set 3: Matching Quantities and Numerals
  • Set 4: Matching Quantities and TouchPoints
  • Set 5: Associating TouchNumerals and Numerals

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