Money Kit

Count and value coins with TouchPoints and TouchStars.


The TouchMath Money Kit presents practical real world skills in an engaging, easy to understand format. Students will identify coins and bills, learn how to make change, and more! With TouchPoints on pennies, and TouchStars and Double TouchStars on larger coins, cueing with the TouchMath method is used throughout the kit.

Through an extensive set of 285 worksheets, critical concepts are introduced helping lay a foundation that introduces students to the REAL importance of money and its effect on their everyday lives. The materials in this kit are designed for students in regular first, second, and third grades, as well as remedial levels from grade school through high school and adult education.

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The kit offers a variety of progressively challenging worksheet masters and instructional aids. Although most students have been handling money for years and have a wide range of experience and comprehension, others are just beginning to recognize coins and their values. Each student will have the opportunity to find her own challenge level when working with the TouchMath Money Kit.

More than 430 activities are included in three kit sections: Coins, Bills, and Computation; and an extensive set of Teaching Aids.

Program features include:Addresses NCTM Standards, Digital content CD, Teacher guide with teaching strategies, assessments, and answer keys.

  • Coins
    • Pennies
    • Nickels
    • Dimes
    • Quarters
    • Half-Dollars
  • Bills
    • One-Dollar Bills
    • Five-Dollar Bills
    • Ten-Dollar Bills
    • Twenty-Dollar Bills
  • Computation
    • Addition with and without regrouping of dollar and cent amounts up to hundreds
    • Subtraction with and without regrouping of dollar and cent amounts up to hundreds
    • Multiplication with and without regrouping of dollar and cent amounts up to hundreds by 1 digit
    • Division with and without remainders of dollar and cent amounts up to hundreds by 1 digit
  • Cueing With the TouchMath Teaching Method
    • TouchPoints placed on pennies
    • NEW TouchStars and Double TouchStars help students count coins with larger values
  • Teaching Aids
    • Coin & Bill Masters
    • Money Portrait Masters
    • Coin Graphing/Patterning Masters
    • Market Money
    • Coin Counting-On Masters
    • Money Wheels
    • Name the Number Game
    • Equivalent Coin Value Masters
    • Skip Counting Number Lines
    • Coin Counting Card Masters
    • Checking, Savings and Debit Card Lessons
    • Money Card Games
    • Money Recognition Flashcards
    • Money Equivalent Puzzles

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Money Kit



This money workbook provides the perfect complement to the Money Kit. Add this workbook to provide additional practice and differentiate instruction while providing students with an enriching learning experience.

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