The most comprehensive money program on the market.

TouchMath offers the most comprehensive money program on the market. The materials are designed for students in pre-K through third grade, as well as remedial levels from grade school through high school and adult education.

The money materials build on the TouchPoints, counting, and skip counting skills in order to teach coin values, equivalencies, making change, and computations. TouchPoints and TouchStars provide a visual representation so students can easily associate coins and their values. The process is totally unique and effective in its ability to teach students how money and math interrelate — making this crucial life skill real, relational, and concrete.

"My students instantly fell in love with learning about money... using the TouchMath approach." ––Jim Gray, Special Education, WI.

The myriad of worksheets and activities found throughout the program’s kit and hands-on classroom aids teach students to:

  • Identify coins and their values
  • Sort, classify, and order coins by size, value, and appearance
  • Sort, classify, and order bills by value
  • Determine the total amount of coins and bills
  • Determine the costs of items and make change
  • Develop a variety of problem solving strategies
  • Collect, organize, and display data using tables, charts, and graphs
  • Using words, students will write money values
  • Add, subtract, multiply, and divide using dollar signs and decimal points
  • Estimate and round money values
  • Do real-life activities with bills, coins, menus, and shopping with coupons

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With the comprehensive Money Kit, students identify coins and bills, learn how to make change, practice computation with dollar signs and decimal points, and much more!




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