Tools for Meeting Math Standards

NJSLS Standards

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The TouchMath Standards-Based Program is aligned with the NJSLS and can help your students build the foundation they need to be successful in math. The TouchMath Standards-Based Program is available in print or digital versions and includes:

  • A detailed teacher’s guide to help monitor progress, plan lessons, support remediation and reinforcement, and make real-world connections.
  • Pre- and post-tests for each module and grade level unit to ensure students are on track.
  • Over 600 activity sheets that engage students in learning math as they move through the Concrete-Representational-Abstract methodology.
  • Greater emphasis on differentiated instruction for intervention and special education, making it a perfect fit for general and special education classrooms.
  • Ongoing support and personalized customer service to help maximize results.

NJSLS Alignments by Page in the TouchMath Standards-Based Program

For more information on how to incorporate the TouchMath Standards-Based Program into your Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade or Special Education classroom, please contact:




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