RtI Kindergarten

Remedial math for young learners.

Kindergarteners arrive in classrooms with extremely varied backgrounds. Some can count, some can't. Some can identify numbers, some can't. Some relate abstract numerals to quantities, some don't. The list goes on. Those who have few prior exposures and/or learning disabilities need proven and immediate multisensory experiences in math. The materials they use should be highly scaffolded step-by-step approaches. These students must learn skills presented in a way that begins with concrete experiences, connects through pictures and then makes the final transition into the abstract numerals. Remedial students will frequently stay at the concrete/pictorial levels for extended periods of time, possibly the entire school year or beyond. Using TouchMath’s proven touching and counting method, the RtI Kindergarten supplemental program is the only approach that nurtures student learning and progresses them forward when they are developmentally ready.

Available in both print and digital formats, the RtI Kindergarten learning hallmarks include:

  • Counting 0–20
  • Spatial and relational concepts
  • Addition with sums to 10
  • Addition with counting on
  • Backward counting
  • Subtracting 0-9
  • Graphing
  • Word/Picture problems

Navigate this section for an in-depth look at the materials and purchasing options offered through a wide range of TouchMath teaching and learning tools for you and your kindergarteners.

Explore TouchMath Kindergarten Classic

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TouchMath offers a variety of purchasing options for the RtI Kindergarten materials. With our cost-saving collections, you’re guaranteed to get the right materials at the right price.

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TouchMath’s three RtI Kindergarten kits consist of 550 reproducible masters and 649 teaching aids.

Classroom Aids
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TouchMath’s kindergarten classroom aids provide a multisensory, hands-on way to differentiate instruction. The colorful posters and manipulatives work in unison with the paper-pencil activities to ensure all learners find success in mathematics.

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Tablet apps, computer software, and an interactive whiteboard program are all key components to TouchMath’s kindergarten materials, engaging and energizing students by showing that math is fun!




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