Upper Grades

Proven remediation for learners grade 3 through high school.

Math barriers begin in elementary school. Without remediation, they continue through life. As students age, it becomes crucial that they have a simple, straightforward, and reliable system that is immediately accessible in their minds. TouchMath is that system. Critically acclaimed for its ability to get remedial students back on track, this multisensory step-by-step approach provides struggling learners the opportunity to understand and overcome previous barriers. Materials are organized by topic so busy teachers have the flexibility to pick and choose specific skills that need to be retaught.

The 10 topic-based units that comprise TouchMath Upper Grades are:

Learning Hallmarks

  • Addition and subtraction from facts to thousands with regrouping
  • Place value
  • Addition and subtraction word problems up to multistep solutions
  • Skip counting from 2 through 9
  • Multiplication and division facts with patterning, pre-algebra and fraction renaming
  • Multiplication and division up to thousands by double digits
  • Multiplication and division word problems up to multistep solutions
  • Time from hours and minutes to earlier and later time and word problems
  • Money from identifying coins to making change and multiplying and dividing money
  • Fractions from simple to dividing mixed numbers
  • Geometry with 2-D shapes, lines and angles
  • Measurement of perimeter, area, and volume, and units of measure
  • Data representation and analysis
  • Pre-Algebra consisting of operations, ratio, rational numbers, expressions, variables, patterns and geometry

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Explore TouchMath Upper Grades Classic

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TouchMath offers a variety of purchasing options for the upper grades materials. With our cost-saving collections, you’re guaranteed to get the right materials at the right price.

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TouchMath’s 10 Upper Grades Units are broken down by topic so you can focus on specific skills. Each unit includes one complete 200 page day-by-day teaching manual with answer keys, plus 200 classroom activity pages conveniently divided into teaching modules for ease of use.

Classroom Aids
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TouchMath’s upper grades classroom aids provide a multisensory, hands-on way to differentiate instruction. The colorful posters and manipulatives work in unison with the paper-pencil activities to ensure all learners find success in mathematics.

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Tablet apps and an interactive whiteboard program are key components to TouchMath’s upper grades materials, engaging and energizing students by showing that math is fun!




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