First Grade: Homeschool

Ages 5-7


The First Grade Homeschool Program is broken down into four Units, easily administered over the course of a school year, and is ideal for building your student's confidence in tackling complex math concepts. This program teaches counting, adding, and subtracting to 100, measurement, time, data and geometry.

Don’t want to download and print at home? Save printer ink, paper, and time and order the printed version. The printed curriculum comes 3-hole punched and tabbed, ready for your binder or filing system and includes the downloadable green edition.

Ordering Information:

The TouchMath HomeSchool Programs are sold for in-home use by one family and are not to be reproduced or disseminated for any other use.

Schools or districts may pay for TouchMath HomeSchool products for a home schooling family but the family must place the order to establish the log-in and password they will later use to access the materials. The materials will not be released to the district or its representatives. The family may reference a school or district purchase order number as their payment option. Before the materials can be released for download, the purchase order must be faxed to 719-593-2446 or emailed to

Note: The activity sheets and instruction guides in these packages are intended for student use in a single home environment and are not for reproduction in a classroom setting. All purchases (whether by purchase order or credit card) will be reviewed and verified before the order is processed. When the order is verified (within 24-48 hours of purchase), the purchaser will receive an email with download details.

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What’s Included With Each Unit Download

  • Implementation Guide
  • 6 Module Guides with Instructional Strategies
  • 90 Student Activity Sheets
  • 6 Assessments (one per module)
  • Real World Connections
  • Answer Keys
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Vocabulary

What’s Included With Each Unit Downloadable and Print Edition

  • Downloadable link to the First Grade Homeschool Program
  • First Grade Homeschool Program printed on 3-hole punched paper with tabs dividing each module, ready for your 3-ring binder or filing system.

First Grade Homeschool Details

  • Unit A: Adding and Subtracting Within 9
    • Counting to 120
    • Mastering TouchPoints
    • Adding and Subtracting Within 5
    • Adding Within 9
    • Subtracting Within 9
    • Adding and Subtracting Within 9
  • Unit B: Adding and Subtracting Within 20
    • Introducing Place Value: Tens and Ones
    • Adding Within 13
    • Adding Within 20
    • Subtracting Within 13
    • Subtracting Within 20
    • Adding and Subtracting Within 20
  • Unit C: Adding and Subtracting Within 100
    • Adding 2-Digit Addends
    • Adding 3 Addends
    • Adding With Strategies
    • Subtracting 2-Digit Numbers
    • Subtracting With Strategies
    • Adding and Subtracting Within 100
  • Unit D: Measurement, Time, Data, and Geometry
    • Measuring Lengths of Objects
    • Telling Time
    • Representing Data
    • Defining 2-D Shapes
    • Defining 3-D Shapes
    • Fractions in Geometric Shapes

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Four First Grade Homeschool Units Downloadable



Four First Grade Homeschool Units Downloadable & Print



First Grade Unit A Downloadable



First Grade Unit A Downloadable & Print



First Grade Unit B Downloadable



First Grade Unit B Downloadable & Print



First Grade Unit C Downloadable



First Grade Unit C Downloadable & Print



First Grade Unit D Downloadable



First Grade Unit D Downloadable & Print



Round out your First Grade Homeschool Program by adding these hands-on manipulatives for a complete teaching and learning experience (not included with individual homeschool units). The multisensory classroom aids are designed to help you differentiate instruction by providing your homeschoolers with more immersive and accessible learning avenues.


Desktop TouchLines


TouchCards - Addition


TouchCards - Subtraction


TouchMath Domino Card Set



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