TouchMath Select

TouchMath® Select allows you to choose individual standards-based units, with or without manipulatives and classroom aids.

  • Select specific units and grade levels to personalize math instruction or remediation in your classroom.
  • Help general education students who need additional support with basic math concepts.
  • Supplement mainstreamed and inclusive classroom instruction with the specific units you need.
  • Support RtI and MTSS by reinforcing and scaffolding individual standards.

SAVE when you purchase 6 or more mix and match units for $325 each on the print edition or $299 each on the green edition.

Standards-Based Units

Mix and match individual Standards-Based units to create the perfect custom solution for your classroom or resource room.

TM2200W Standards-Based Pre-K Unit Print Edition $349.00
TM2207W Standards-Based Pre-K Unit Downloadable Green Edition $309.00
TM2007W Standards-Based Kindergarten Unit 1 Print Edition $349.00
TM2013W Standards-Based Kindergarten Unit 1 Downloadable Green Edition $309.00
TM2008W Standards-Based Kindergarten Unit 2 Print Edition $349.00
TM2014W Standards-Based Kindergarten Unit 2 Downloadable Green Edition $309.00
TM2009W Standards-Based Kindergarten Unit 3 Print Edition $349.00
TM2015W Standards-Based Kindergarten Unit 3 Downloadable Green Edition $309.00
TM2010W Standards-Based Kindergarten Unit 4 Print Edition $349.00
TM2016W Standards-Based Kindergarten Unit 4 Downloadable Green Edition $309.00
TM2022W Standards-Based First Grade Unit 1 Print Edition $349.00
TM2028W Standards-Based First Grade Unit 1 Downloadable Green Edition $309.00
TM2023W Standards-Based First Grade Unit 2 Print Edition $349.00
TM2029W Standards-Based First Grade Unit 2 Downloadable Green Edition $309.00
TM2024W Standards-Based First Grade Unit 3 Print Edition $349.00
TM2030W Standards-Based First Grade Unit 3 Downloadable Green Edition $309.00
TM2025W Standards-Based First Grade Unit 4 Print Edition $349.00
TM2031W Standards-Based First Grade Unit 4 Downloadable Green Edition $309.00
TM2037W Standards-Based Second Grade Unit 1 Print Edition $349.00
TM2043W Standards-Based Second Grade Unit 1 Downloadable Green Edition $309.00
TM2038W Standards-Based Second Grade Unit 2 Print Edition $349.00
TM2044W Standards-Based Second Grade Unit 2 Downloadable Green Edition $309.00
TM2039W Standards-Based Second Grade Unit 3 Print Edition $349.00
TM2045W Standards-Based Second Grade Unit 3 Downloadable Green Edition $309.00
TM2040W Standards-Based Second Grade Unit 4 Print Edition $349.00
TM2046W Standards-Based Second Grade Unit 4 Downloadable Green Edition $309.00
TM1801W Upper Grades Unit 1 Print Edition $349.00
TM1811W Upper Grades Unit 1 Downloadable Green Edition $309.00
TM1802W Upper Grades Unit 2 Print Edition $349.00
TM1812W Upper Grades Unit 2 Downloadable Green Edition $309.00
TM1803W Upper Grades Unit 3 Print Edition $349.00
TM1813W Upper Grades Unit 3 Downloadable Green Edition $309.00
TM1804W Upper Grades Unit 4 Print Edition $349.00
TM1814W Upper Grades Unit 4 Downloadable Green Edition $309.00
TM1805W Upper Grades Unit 5 Print Edition $349.00
TM1815W Upper Grades Unit 5 Downloadable Green Edition $309.00
TM1806W Upper Grades Unit 6 Print Edition $349.00
TM1816W Upper Grades Unit 6 Downloadable Green Edition $309.00
TM1807W Upper Grades Unit 7 Print Edition $349.00
TM1817W Upper Grades Unit 7 Downloadable Green Edition $309.00
TM1808W Upper Grades Unit 8 Print Edition $349.00
TM1818W Upper Grades Unit 8 Downloadable Green Edition $309.00
TM1809W Upper Grades Unit 9 Print Edition $349.00
TM1819W Upper Grades Unit 9 Downloadable Green Edition $309.00
TM1810W Upper Grades Unit 10 Print Edition $349.00
TM1820W Upper Grades Unit 10 Downloadable Green Edition $309.00

Manipulative Sets

Perfectly paired manipulatives and classroom aids help reinforce concrete understanding of critical math concepts.

TM2503W Pre-K Manipulative Set $539.00
TM2508W Kindergarten Manipulative Set $549.00
TM2519W First Grade Manipulative Set $395.00
TM2520W Second Grade Manipulative Set $359.00
TM2523W Upper Grades Manipulative Set $429.00




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