Summer School

Provide strategic instruction in key math skills with TouchMath's tailor-made summer program created to give you the most adaptable, well-rounded teaching solutions. This package is ideal for Extended School Year (ESY) and will keep your students on track during the summer months.

Close the achievement gap and avoid the summer slide with TouchMath summer solutions.

  • Designed for quick and easy individual and/or classroom planning
  • Deliver targeted skill instruction based on student progress
  • Identify student needs with simple and quick assessments
  • Keep learners involved with manipulatives and teaching aids
  • Engage students with interactive software components

Summer School Program Includes:

Downloadable Pre- and Posttests

You have four assessment options for your students, which should be administered before and after implementation of the summer school program.

Download the tests by clicking the links below.

Level A - Kindergarten:
For students beginning to understand numbers. It includes counting tasks, recognition of numerals, oral identification of numerals, and beginning addition and subtraction.

Level B - First Grade:
For students learning to identify and write numerals one through ten and attempting basic one-digit addition and subtraction.

Level C - Second Grade:
For students learning to add and subtract two-digit numbers with regrouping.

Level D - Upper Grades:
For students further developing the ability to add and subtract with regrouping and also learning basic multiplication and division.

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