NEW TouchMath Connect 2 Downloadable Software

Brand new extension to reach more students with advanced skills!


BRAND NEW - Works on Chromebooks and tablets!

TouchMath Connect 2 epitomizes the concrete-representational-abstract approach to teaching and learning mathematics. The concrete, hands-on manipulatives are abundantly and thoroughly symbolized and represented through this program, which eventually leads to a firm grasp on the abstract paper-pencil elements so essential to success.

Designed for use with all age levels, TouchMath Connect 2 extends the skill focus to include Skip Counting, Multiplication, Division, Pre-Algebra, Fractions – allows for teacher customized playlists and problem choices as well as a fun competition mode for students.

This brand new TouchMath Connect 2 can be used with desktop/laptop computers, tablets (Chromebooks, iPads, and Android), or with interactive whiteboards. The software cannot be networked or made available for use on more than one computer or device at the same time.

Click here to learn more about the Newly updated TouchMath Connect 1 downloadable software that teaches number concepts, addition, and subtraction.

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Purchasing Options:

Software Download - Single System License



Software Download - Lab Pack (6 System License) - Save $65



Software Download - Site License (25 System License) - Save $426



At TouchMath, we understand schools and teachers have diverse curriculum needs. Because of that, TouchMath offers collection options that provide a more extensive set of materials at significant savings. If you’re looking for a more immersive software program, these options create a complete teaching and learning experience.

TouchMath Connect 1 & 2 Includes:

Click here to purchase the TouchMath Connect 1 & 2 downloadable software programs and SAVE $49.00

Technology Collection Includes:

Click here to purchase the TouchMath Technology Collection for $289.00 and SAVE $96.00

The newly updated TouchMath Connect 1 and the brand new TouchMath Connect 2 Apps now work on Chromebooks and tablets!

TouchMath's interactive software revolutionizes the way you teach and the way your students learn math. All senses are activated when students engage with a tablet, and TouchMath comes to life as students see, say, hear, touch, and learn math like never before!

Expand one of the sections below to download the all NEW Connect 1 and Connect 2 Apps.

  • Connect for your Chromebook

  • Chromebook Requirements:

    • Requires Android 5.1 and up
    • Single device downloads only
  • Connect for your iPad

  • iPad Requirements:

    • Apple iPad 5th generation (2017) or later
    • iOS 12.1 or later (most recent iOS recommended)
    • iPad only (will not work on iPhone)
    • Single device downloads only

    Compatible with the following iPad models:

    • iPad (5th, 6th and 7th generations)
    • iPad Pro (2nd, 3rd and 4th generations)
    • iPad Air (3rd generation)
    • iPad Mini (5th generation)

    Discounted price available through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program for Education for 20 or more copies. Contact your school or district IT manager for assistance.

  • Connect for your Android Tablet

  • Android Tablet Requirements:

    • Requires Android 5.1 and up
    • Tablet only (will not work on Android phone)
    • Tablet screen size 8 inches or lager
    • Single device downloads only




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