Reinforce, remediate, challenge.

TouchMath offers technology components to help reinforce concepts and challenge students in pre-K through second grade, as well as remedial levels for upper grades students struggling with grade-level content.

TouchMath technology includes several software titles, an interactive computer/IWB software program, and mobile apps, each giving you the ability to differentiate lessons for whole group, small group, and one-to-one instruction. Likewise, you can provide individual re-teaching opportunities and advanced-level work. These dynamic and interactive learning channels provide meaningful practice and review, and keep students interested, involved, and motivated.

TouchMath Technology Benefits

  • Expand teachers' ability to reach a wider variety of classroom learners
  • Present materials in entertaining and multisensory ways that engage students
  • Provide opportunities to help new students catch on and lagging students catch up
  • Add excitement to learning while keeping students focused on tasks
  • Complement and reinforce critical math concepts taught in the curriculum
  • Provide immediate feedback for faster, more effective teaching
  • Supply a wider assortment of choices for teachers when planning and individualizing lessons

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Explore TouchMath Technology

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The TouchMath Technology Collection offers substantial savings by bundling single licenses to all three TouchMath Tutor grade-level softwares, and the TouchMath Connect interactive software program.

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Install math success with TouchMath Tutor Software.

Connect Interactive Software
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Revolutionize your math instruction with TouchMath Connect for computers and interactive whiteboards.

Tablet Apps
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Bring TouchMath to your tablet with our TouchMath Mobile Math app series.




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