TouchMath Activity Panel:
Multisensory Learning at its Best
Now you can take the beloved TouchMath classroom experience to a whole new place—the playground! TouchMath and PlayCore, a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of playground, fitness and related outdoor play products have collaborated to bring classroom learning outdoors in fun and creative ways.

This association was formed to offer innovative educators a new way to reinforce the TouchMath curriculum on the playground and use multisensory strategies to enhance the learning experiences of children of all ability levels.

The new TouchMath Activity Panel is an interactive outdoor play event that is designed to encourage movement, exploration and problem-solving — enriching childhood through play.

Used in combination with our customized, downloadable worksheets, educators can achieve the following goals:

  • Create a dynamic, multisensory learning experience for students of all ability levels
  • Reinforce math concepts taught in pre-K–fifth grade
  • Increase student computational skills
  • Raise math test scores
  • Provide healthy physical activity
  • Encourage positive social interaction

To learn more about PlayCore and the UltraPlay products, please call PlayCore toll free at 877-762-7563 or PlayCore website.


Activity Panel Owners:
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Downloadable, reproducible worksheets:
As a panel owner, you have exclusive access to an extensive selection of downloadable worksheets that you may reproduce and use for years to come. These paper-and-pencil exercises are designed to work along with the outdoor Activity Panel to create multisensory learning experiences for students of all abilities.

Activity Panel Manual:
We encourage each educator using the panel to have their own copy of the Activity Panel Manual. Simply download your copy after logging in above, and use it as a handy reference. The manual outlines the basic steps for teaching TouchMath counting, addition, backward counting, subtraction, skip counting and multiplication. It also presents the strategies you need to bring classroom learning to the playground.

Teacher Training:
Panel owners can take advantage of our free TouchMath Teacher Training Program plus receive bonus materials. A complete description of the program is described on page 2 of the Activity Panel Manual. To request additional TouchMath Training Materials at no cost, click here.

The information and activities associated with the TouchMath Activity Panel and described in the Activity Panel Manual, related Web sites and in other communications, were compiled using the most current safety information available. The authors and program partners cannot accept liability for any accident or injury sustained while completing the activities in this program. Appropriate and reasonable supervision is recommended at all times based on the age and capacity of each child. PlayCore and TouchMath promote safe, supervised play but cannot anticipate all conditions regarding any suggested activity in this program or recommend specific precautions beyond those warnings supplied with the activity panel. PlayCore and TouchMath recommend that all warnings issued by the equipment manufacturer be complied with at all times.

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