Math Reflections with Dr. Elliott (March 2021)

Have you ever found an unexpected treasure? Well, I did this week when I went to pull the IES Practice Guide for Assisting Students Struggling with Mathematics.

I routinely refer back to that document for inspiration and corroboration around best practices, so I was thrilled to see the date was no longer April 2009 but rather March 2021! Where did this come from? Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I am thoroughly enjoying digesting it and wonder if I missed a big announcement. 

Regardless, what I am especially happy about is the focus on small group intervention and the deep discussion on six of the evidence-based practices that have shown strong evidence. Needless to say those practices are present in the materials that comprise TouchMath.

They are:

  • Systematic instruction
  • Mathematical language
  • Representations (our famous use of CRA and TouchPoints)
  • Number lines
  • Word problems
  • Timed activities

If you too missed the announcement that it is out here is the link to the new March 2021 IES WWC Assisting Students Struggling with Mathematics:Intervention in the Elementary Grades.

I will let you in on a little secret. One of the reasons I am excited to see this new Guide is that TouchMath will be launching a major efficacy study in partnership with a major independent research group in the next weeks. Look for a special invitation to join us in the coming weeks.

And on a closing note, the team at TouchMath has just finished revamping the much asked for Implementation Checklist and I’ll be sending that out to everyone. It will be extremely useful as we move back to in person classes and we work to implement the curriculum with fidelity.

What unexpected treasures did you find this month? What are you looking forward to as we turn towards Spring? Send me an email ([email protected]). I’m always happy to connect.

Until April,

Dr. E