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Access your TouchMath materials from anywhere!
Download and/or print what you want, when you need it.

TouchMath Now is our educator interface for TouchMath standards-aligned curriculum and intervention materials. With all the same activity sheets and teacher guide instruction as its print equivalents, TouchMath Now allows you  to download and print what you want, when you need it – from any internet connected computer or tablet device.

Your subscription provides you with online access to all of the TouchMath curriculum your students need, as well as flexible and powerful online tools to be able to easily assign lessons and track student progress. The curriculum will update automatically with all of the latest content and improvements, so that you can rest easy knowing that your materials are always up to current standards.

This easy-to-use subscription offers:

  • Integration with TouchMath Hub: our online interface linking all TouchMath digital solutions with a single login, and providing online student gradebooks and rostering, as well as linking with leading SSO solutions.
  • Quick access to teacher guide instructions and answer keys
  • Organization folders for lesson planning
  • Convenient progress monitoring records
  • Access to automatic content updates, including new activity sheets
  • Spanish content available in Standards Edition units
  • and More!

Options to print student activity sheets now or download for use in other platforms (such as Google Classroom) make this flexible and versatile platform a must for today’s classroom in every state and school district.

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