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Since 1975, TouchMath has delivered the only multisensory math program that uses the numeral itself as a manipulative. Our carefully researched and trademarked numerals with TouchPoints™ lets students SEE, TOUCH, SAY, and HEAR math in a whole new way.

TouchMath Numerals with TouchPoints

Every numeral from one through nine has TouchPoints corresponding to the digit’s value. Numerals one through five have single TouchPoints. Numerals six through nine have double TouchPoints. Students count aloud as they touch the single TouchPoints once and double TouchPoints twice. The numeral zero has no TouchPoints and is never touched or counted. This concrete approach engages students on auditory, visual, and tactile/kinesthetic levels.

To ensure that students arrive at the right answer, it is important that they touch the TouchPoints in the correct Touching/Counting Pattern for each numeral. Click each numeral below to view a short video demonstrating the Touching/Counting Pattern. You can also visit our blog for a free printable activity to get you started.

Download Touching/Counting Patterns Reference Sheets: English / Spanish

TouchMath is Grounded in Research

The TouchMath program is grounded in the Concrete-Representational-Abstract continuum, a sequence of instructional practices and research-based best practices that reflect how most students learn. As students see, say, hear and touch using our signature TouchPoints on the numerals, they easily make the connection between the numeral and the quantity it represents.

TouchMath Moves Students Forward

When students have mastered the Touching/Counting Patterns, our sequential strategy effectively moves them through counting and number concepts, making computations achievable as they touch and count their way through addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and into more advanced mathematical concepts.

We’re Excited to Continue the Conversation

TouchMath is a complete solution — everything you need to teach math as a core curriculum or to supplement your current core for remediation or intervention — from Pre-K to beginning Algebra. Complete the form below to connect with a TouchMath representative, we are happy to walk you through any questions, and can help tailor a custom solution that will help you, and your students conquer math.

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