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TouchMath Pro Purchasing Information

TouchMath Pro empowers educators to personalize learning, easily provide
intervention or remediation for struggling students, and monitor their progress.
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Purchasing Information

TouchMath Pro is an annual subscription service available for classrooms, schools, and districts of all sizes. Conveniently tiered based on number of student seats, TouchMath Pro can easily adapt to serve individual students across classrooms and schools. District-wide options are also available, allowing for usage by all students (across school sites) within your district.

A Powerful Digital Suite

TouchMath Pro operates as an integral part of the TouchMath Digital Learning Suite, each connected and interlinked via a single sign on. 

  • TouchMath Hub is the centralized location for student information, scores and reporting. Create classes and upload student rosters, assign lessons in TouchMath Pro or record scores from TouchMath Now or in-classroom SE or XP print units, and view comprehensive reports on student progress across all TouchMath lessons and activities. Access to TouchMath Hub is included with all TouchMath Pro subscriptions. 
  • MyTouchMath is where students access and complete their assigned digital lessons from TouchMath Pro. Access to MyTouchMath is included with all TouchMath Pro subscriptions. 
  • TouchMath Now is the print on demand platform for all TouchMath curriculum and extra practice materials, including all of the same activity sheets and teacher guide instruction as their print equivalent – all accessible from any internet connected computer or tablet device. TouchMath Now access is sold separately. 

TouchMath Pro Add-Ons

TouchMath Training

TouchMath Pro setup and implementation is included with all new subscriptions, but it is strongly encouraged that all new users complete a TouchMath Jumpstart training. This interactive introduction to the TouchMath methodology and program is designed to enable new users to teach using the TouchMath approach so that they can confidently implement TouchMath Pro with fidelity.

Hands-On Manipulative Sets

Get the most out of TouchMath Pro with hands-on manipulatives that perfectly complement the printable activity sheets.

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