Summer School and Extended School Year

ESY/Summer School Learning Solutions

Mitigate learning loss. Reclaim lost learning time. Fight unfinished learning. However you describe it, we know many students need additional support to prepare them for the next school year. This summer is a critical opportunity to get students back on track and ensure they start school in the fall with a strong foundation.
Whether your school or district has opted to build out a full summer program, or is extending the school year, TouchMath has the curricula and resources students need to succeed in math. Below, we have sampled the best product recommendations for your student.
To obtain the best recommendations for your students this summer, contact your Education Account Specialist!

In order to reach your students exactly where they need help with their math foundations this summer, use TouchMath Pro, Professional Development, and Manipulatives. These three elements allow you to teach TouchMath with efficacy and help every child in your classroom strengthen confidence in their math skills.

To obtain pricing, please contact your Education Account Specialist or fill out the form below.

With TouchMath Pro, you can determine where an individual student’s skills gaps in order to target intervention needs in a single lesson.

Yes! Your customized summer school/ESY package will include special subscription pricing for 12 weeks of access to TouchMath Pro for up to 25 students.

If you already use TouchMath, you will immediately notice your customized summer school/ESY package easy to use.
If you are not familiar with TouchMath, training will automatically be built into your package to ensure you can confidently teach TouchMath will efficacy!

Yes! You may use your IDEA, SSEA, ESSER, and ESSER II funding to purchase your customized summer school/ESY package.
For more information about how TouchMath aligns with federal funding, please see our alignments here.