Teacher Tools

As much as we love our resources, they’re nothing without great educators
who put them to use. This page features several tools we’ve compiled for
folks who teach with TouchMath.

Implementation Guide

Whether you are using TouchMath in the classroom or at home, the Implementation Guide will get you up and running with comprehensive program overviews, classroom setup instructions, and information for every learning aid, digital resource, and TouchMath support we offer.

TouchMath Mini Math Lessons

TouchMath trainers provide Mini Math Lessons designed to provide instructional learning strategies to help you teach with efficacy throughout the school year. Watch these short, 15-minute videos on demand, and be subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on all of our social media channels.

TouchMath Touching/Counting Patterns

TouchMath numerals and the correct Touching/Counting Patterns are one of the most researched and basic parts of the TouchMath Program. TouchPoints on numerals teach children the connection between quantities and numerals quickly and effectively. Click here to view videos for each numerals Touching/Counting Pattern.

TouchMath Fidelity Checklist

When it comes to implementing TouchMath effectively, it is important to make sure the learning environment is setup for success. This checklist for implementation does just that, with helpful “look fors” both teachers and administrators can use to provide evidence that TouchMath is being implemented with fidelity.

Scope and Sequence

The Scope and Sequence is a comprehensive exhibit of clusters, standards, skills, and activities — designed to clearly outline the scaffolding of the content in our Standards-Based Programs. It can be used to chart the course for students in primary classrooms in general education, in intervention programs, and in IEPs for special education learners.

The thorough analysis of skills makes it an easy tool for teachers to use to ensure the steps needed to learn mathematics. The various presentations of this tool provide options for teachers and administrators to determine the level of the content and approach that meets the needs of individual learners.

Parent/Guardian Communication Letters

TouchMath makes it easy to communicate with caretakers so learning can continue outside the classroom. Available in English and Spanish, print these on school letterhead and send them home with students.

Progress Monitoring Records

Progress monitoring records are available to download for every grade, unit, and module in the Standards-Based Program, Pre-K through Upper Grades. These electronic (.XLSX) versions make it easy to record scores and track individual student and/or classroom progress with page-by-page markers for mastery, intervention, and remediation. You can also use these records as an aid for student IEPs. Click below to download progress monitoring records for the grade levels you need.

Educator and Homeschool Assessments

Use these assessments to help pinpoint where to start and/or where to target help.
Level A (Kindergarten): Designed for the student beginning to understand numbers. It includes counting tasks, recognition of numerals, oral identification of numerals, and beginning addition and subtraction. The test involves no writing and should be administered individually.
Level B (First Grade): Designed for the student attempting basic one-digit addition and subtraction and double-digit addition and subtraction without regrouping. The test may be administered individually or in a small group setting.
Level C (Second Grade): Designed for the student learning to add and subtract up to two-digit numbers with regrouping. The test may be administered individually or in a small group setting.
Level D (Upper Grades): Designed for the student further developing the ability to add and subtract with regrouping and also learning basic multiplication and division. The test may be administered individually or in a small group setting.

TouchMath Workshops and Training Sessions

The TouchMath team periodically hosts virtual training sessions and free workshops on timely topics. These events are full of useful information, and are suitable for school and district administrators, teachers, tutors, and parents of all experience levels. Register now for upcoming events, or browse past recordings.

Request Training Materials

TouchMath has excellent training materials and guess what? We’ll send them to you for free!

Online Video Training

Improve your TouchMath teaching practice on your own time! Our free online video training is available 24/7, and includes a variety of engaging videos on TouchMath topics. (You’ll need a TouchMath.com login, but don’t worry, it’s all free!)