Virtual Self-Paced Professional
Learning From TouchMath

Finding the time for professional learning can be difficult. TouchMath recognizes this fact and is making it easy for individuals to get the training they need, on their own schedule. TouchMath Teach is our new virtual self-paced training tool that allows instant access to structured TouchMath trainings you can take at your own pace, from anywhere.
Our course includes targeted instruction, video demonstrations, practice, and knowledge checks. A certificate of completion is awarded at the end of each course. Already registered? Click here to login.
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TouchMath Jumpstart is an interactive introduction to the TouchMath methodology and program. It is designed to enable attendees to confidently begin implementation of the TouchMath program and in preparation for more intensive training for their grade level.
Cost: $99/participant

Getting Started

Rooted in Research
Touching/Counting Patterns
Knowledge Check


Beginning Addition
Addition with Counting On
Double-Digit without Regrouping
Addition with Regrouping


Backward Counting
Beginning Subtraction
Double-Digit Subtraction without Regrouping
Subtraction with Regrouping

Beginning Multiplication

Skip Counting
Beginning Multiplication
Multiplication without Regrouping
Multiplication with Regrouping
Knowledge Check


Beginning Division
Division with Remainders
Long Division
Short Division
Knowledge Check

Before You Go

Show What You Know

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